Newborn Photography

                “I was so so pleased to discover Miranda Roos photography. She has an amazing talent. We had our newborn baby shoot on day 10 of life. Having a newborn is exhausting & it’s so easy to just stay at home in the early days. But I am so glad we took that leap & had our photoshoot. We will cherish our photos for eternity & the memory of the day will stay with me forever. It really was so beautiful to watch. There was a great calmness in the studio, which was all toasty & warm, which our little baby boy loved. I’ve never seen him so relaxed before. Miranda had such a delicate touch, I was amazed to see how she skilfully, lovingly & comfortably posed our baby boy. I would describe it as magical to watch. I would highly recommend Miranda for a newborn photoshoot. Thank you so much! ~ Suzie

The best time to get those cute, squishy, curled up newborn poses is ideally between 7- 14 days.  The reason we like to do them so early is that within the first few weeks of life babies are still “womb” like and love to stay curled up and warm. You can achieve great fetal like positions and truly see their newness. They often have flaky skin and their umbilical cord end may not have fallen off, but they are in a dream like state and quite heavenly. As they get older, they are more alert and stretch out and will not be so “bendy” or sleepy therefore; making cute baby posing challenging (although not impossible & I have successfully posed numerous older newborns before). Whatever the age, babies are beautiful and I love photographing them.

I offer a limited number of pre booked newborn sessions in order to allow enough flexibility to accommodate early/ late arrivals.  Please ensure that you book your session sooner rather than later as my diary fills up every month & I absolutely hate turning clients away

I am also able to do belly castings which I then use during your newborn session.  Belly castings are best done between weeks 32 – 36 of your pregnancy.  What better prop than having baby nestled in the shell of your womb? 

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